International Finance

About the Course

International Monetary System, Balance of Payment,Foreign Exchange, Options, Futures and Derivatives, Debt, Equity and Risk Management

Course Contents

  •  Evolution of Monetary System
  • In this chapter the evolution of the monetary system is discussed. The chapter begins its journey with the use of Gold as the unit of exchange and traces the current situation where the US Dollar is the reserve currency. The understanding of this journey paves the way towards appreciating the current situation in international finance.
  •  Balance of Payment
  • In this chapter, the balance of payment is discussed. The issues related to current account, capital account and reserves are highlighted. The debit and credit system used for tracking transactions are explained in detail.
  •  Exchange Rates
  • In this chapter, the various exchange rates are discussed. The examples demonstrate the wide variety of exchange rate regimes prevalent in the world. These pose their own unique set of challenges.
  •  Arithmetic of Exchange Rates
  • This chapter focuses on bid-ask price, 2-point and 3-point arbitrates, direct and indirect quotes and Government intervention. The solves problems give students an opportunity to explore and learn the nuances of the forex market and mathematics of exchange rates.

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