Credit Rating Models and Applications

About the Course

This course is about credit risk modelling and analysis. Various scenarios have been constructed to understand how credit risk plays out for banks, corporations, customers etc.

Course Contents

  •  Credit Risk
  • This chapter talks about the various sources of credit risk and how to mitigate them.
  •  Credit Scoring
  • This chapter discussed how the elements of rating models and how credit scores are computed.
  •  Credit Rating Model
  • In this chapter the rating models are discussed. The chapter explains how the rating models are used and what are the different rating agencies.
  •  Accounting impact on Credit Risk
  • Accounting numbers can be manipulated. The analyst has to remove the effects and determine the true performance of the company. In this chapter we discuss some common techniques to identify and remove earnings manipulation.
  •  Credit Risk in Convertible Securities
  • In this chapter we discuss about the impact of credit risk on convertible securities. These securities are common and have found much usage during times of recession.
  •  Credit Risk using Machine Learning
  • As data becomes pervasive more and more firms are using Machine Learning and Deep Learning to ascertain the credit worthiness of the company. These new tools are creating new age companies which are becoming unicorns.

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