Knowledge + Mentorship = Career Success

A career in management and analytics is an exciting proposition. A successful career requires aspirants to have knowledge supported by mentorship. The focus of many educational institutions and online programs is to provide technical skills but at EdLightened we believe in empowering students through mentoring coupled with imparting knowledge. Our teaching and mentoring philosophy is grounded in simplifying complex technical concepts and maximizing value for students in their career trajectory. More than 25,000 students have used the content and services at EdLightened ranging from online courses to resume reviews. Many more have benefitted from the mentoring that we have provided. What students tell us is that “You simplify complex content and make it easy to learn. You help us to simplify complex career decisions and are transparent.” We listen to our students and our mantra is “By the students, for the students.”

Interview Readiness Quiz

The interview questions are taken from real interviews to test your understanding under timed conditions. Challenging questions are allocated more time and more points like in a real interview. High performers will find themselves on the Leaderboard accessed by recruiters. Using Machine Learning we can predict your income bracket based on your performance in the test.

EdLightened Learning Tools

The offerings and pedagogy are developed to fill vital needs in the learning process and to enable students to use the most effective tools for life-long learning. These include interview readiness quiz, printed lessons, cohort based learning and live industry projects.

Our Alumni

At EdLightened the team aspires for helping students create a full-filling career. 1000s of students have become alumnus of EdLightened. We are delighted to be part of their life and help them achieve their aspirations. The journey that begins at EdLightened has no expiration date. Our students today, become mentors and faculty tomorrow at EdLightened. It is a never-ending chain which is tied by the thread of “helping” and “giving” others. We are selective about who becomes our alumni because we believe that to deliver impact one must have a combination of talent and empathy. Our alumni have done us proud and are leaders in some of the best companies in the world.


Our Partners

The EdLightened Story

EdLightened was created at the behest of the students. Discussions with students led us to identify three distinct problems. We have worked with the community to resolve these problems.

The first problem that we address is to simplify complex management and analytics concepts and teach it in a simple but effective manner. The second problem is to help students determine the appropriate career path. The career advice from our mentors and CXOs are customized to the individual and is not generalized. The third problem is to provide the teaching content easily and the mentorship at an affordable price.  

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