Career Accelerator Program

The Career Accelerator Programme is designed to help students develop their product and programme management skills. Students have profit & loss responsibility and are expected to work with our managers to deliver defined business impact.

Why do I need the Career Accelerator Programme?

If you are keen to stand apart from your peers and be noticed by recruiters, then the Career Accelerator Programme is for you. While, many students graduating from business schools have good grades and most have an internship on their resume; few have experience managing a business and delivering business impact. Employers offer positions according to this. There is a gap between what motivated students want to achieve in their 1st job, and the scope they are allowed to work in. Our programme fills this gap in your resume. Those who go through this programme typically receive a better position and a higher compensation from employers during campus placement. 

While enrolled in the CAP, students have profit and loss responsibility which helps them learn how to grow and manage a business. This is valuable experience for roles in Marketing, Management Consulting, Analytics, HR, Operations and Finance.

Who is Eligible?

Minimum qualification is a graduate degree/diploma. EdLightened typically enrols students currently pursuing a post-graduate degree or diploma. The applicant should have the capability to think and execute on delivering business results.

What are the selection criteria?

If you pass the basic eligibility requirement then you will be considered. However, our selection process is stringent and evaluates you for high motivation, critical thinking, empathy and problem-solving abilities.

What is the duration and location of this programme?

The duration is typically 3 to 6 months, but experience has shown that students who join our programme typically stay with us longer. Time requirements are about 3 to 4 hours a week. You can work remotely and working hours are flexible.

What will be my responsibilities?

What will I get for doing this?

Have students done this before?

Our graduating batch has students from some of India’s most respected colleges. Each one of them has delivered on the objectives and hold positions equivalent to Assistant Managers/Managers. Since they have delivered in the real world, their confidence is high, and recruiters have hired them at a high CTC in companies.

How do I enrol?

You can click on the link below and register. We will contact you. Alternatively, you can send an email to symplfyd@gmail.com


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