Young Finance Leaders

The Young Finance Leaders programme is designed to provide hands-on learning through model building, stock pitching as part of the investment team, and investing in real markets. The money for this comes from the EdLightened fund which has been created over the last 5 years through smart investments made by students.


The programme works in 3 steps.

First – Apply for the YFL programme by providing your details below (click on the button). We will call you and interview you.

Second – Complete the courses that are part of the YFL programme. These courses include Financial Modelling, Valuation, Statistics, Python, Power BI and SQL. Each of these courses are evaluated based on live projects for which the Data is provided.

ThirdJoin the investment committee of EdLightened and pitch investment ideas on a bi-weekly basis. This is a community where others will have an opportunity to ask you questions and ensure that you have a robust investment IDEA. Once an idea is selected by the investment committee the YFL Director will invest the money from the EdLightened fund. You will now track the investment and let us know when we should exit the space.


Frequently asked questions

Why should we study Python, Power BI and SQL?

The world is becoming increasingly digital. Generative A.I. is taking over. Python is used for building tools that enable algorithmic trading, fraud detection etc.

Power BI is useful for making slick presentations to VCs, PEs and Board Members. It is a good Business Intelligence tool that integrates will with Excel.

SQL is used to get data before Python and Power BI can be applied. This is the DIGITAL STACK for FINANCE. All companies are undergoing DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION and expect the financial analysts to be skilled with these tools.


What is the financial stack?

The core skills in Financial Modelling, Valuation and Statistics are considered as the Finance stack. All Finance professionals are expected to be good at this. In additional to this Credit Risk, Portfolio Management, Derivatives and Technical analysis is covered as part of Financial Risk Management.


How do we get the Data for Live Projects?

Live Projects are used to assess your learning. Most students struggle to get data from a Registered Company because a) they need to sign a non-disclosure agreement b) they are not employees of the company so why should the company share the data and c) they are unable to work during the daytime as they must attend college.


The advantage of EdLightened is that you will get Data from us to work on your projects so the challenge of finding data from a REGISTERED company is not there. We are a registered company. 


How will we benefit from this programme?

We are registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. You will get an opportunity to work for a real company that does investing. Recruiters always value learners with EXPERIENCE.


Which assets classes do you invest in?

We invest in stocks, bonds, derivatives, REITs, commodity and currency market. The focus is on getting optimal results by taking the right level of risk.


Will you invest money based on our recommendations?

We have been doing this for the past 5 years and don’t see why we should stop now. After all, how did we our first 100 YFL leaders graduate through this programme?


What happens if there is a loss?

The company bears the loss.


Do you provide career assistance?

We do provide career guidance. Our successful students have got jobs in J.P.Morgan, Morgan Stanley, McKinsey, Well Fargo, Standard Chartered Bank, E&Y, PwC, KPMG etc. It is our belief that students who go through our programme are well equipped to make a career in finance.


How often do we need to meet?

We meet online on Zoom. The classes are conducted online in the evening from 9:30 to 10:30 pm on alternate days of the week. Video recordings are provided.


What is the duration of this programme?

The programme duration is 12 to 16 weeks. We meet for 3 hours a week when we are doing the classes and after that we meet for 2 hours a week.


Do we have to complete all modules in step 2?

Sometimes we get learners who are familiar with the digital stack (Python, Power BI and SQL). If they pass the quality check from our faculty, they may be exempted.


Who can apply for this programme?

All students interested in Finance can apply for this programme.

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