Mentored Industry Projects

The mentored industry project is one its kind. We take pride in providing our learners an engaging learning model. How does it work?

Student registers on the website for doing a live project in a specified field such as marketing, finance, analytics, human resources, and operations. Our programme team will contact you and set-up a meeting with one of our mentors. During this meeting you will discuss and decide on the project topic and the work that has to be done in the project.

The mentors will review your work every week and are available 24/7 incase you have doubts or need any clarification. During the 2nd or 3rd week, your project with your resume is sent to CXOs for obtaining their valuable insights and feedback.

This is where EdLightened provides you value because your work is being reviewed by industry professionals (CXOs) who can guide towards achieving your career aspirations. EdLightened can provide this unique feature in its learning tools because our mentors believe in our philosophy of hands-on learning and helping you with your career.

Mentored Industry Project Courses

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